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Some of the most common questions we are asked...

Are your drones safe?

Yes! Should they have a loss of signal they will automatically return to a safe selected home point and land themselves.  They are very well tried and tested and have a number of other safety features including automatic obstacle avoidance and dual batteries should one fail.

More importantly, our safety procedures are scrutinised and approved by the CAA and we utilise a sliding scale of safety precautions dependant on the job conditions.

The aeroPeak director and chief pilot is a professional helicopter pilot and has a vast quantity of aviation experience.  Rest assured that you will struggle to find another drone company who can provide as safe and professional a service.

Are you licensed/insured?

Yes! We have a CAA issued Permission for Commercial Operation.  We can supply a copy of this to clients if required.  We hold public liability insurance that we adjust as required for every flight, from £1Mil through to £10Mil.  Again, full details of our insurance can be provided to clients if required.

Can you fly at night?

We can indeed!  We are permitted by the CAA to conduct commercial flights at night, another niche area in which we specialise.  Night flights require slightly more planning and co-ordination but can deliver some epic results.  We utilise bespoke strobe lighting solutions to ensure that our aircraft are easy to spot both from the ground and from other air users.

We regularly fly manned aircraft at night and have a unique understanding of the subtle challenges posed by flying after dark.

Can you fly indoors?

Yes!  We are specialists at close proximity indoor flying.  This skillset requires a potentially larger focus on assessing the risk and subsequent safety precautions but we have safely flown indoors and delivered some stunning results at high profile sites for the MOD and major logistics companies.  This requires a high level of skill as GPS positioning hold cannot be relied upon; if you'd like to see samples of our indoor work please get in contact.

Can you fly in the rain?

No...Our drones are not waterproof; and if they were, there would be no way to avoid getting rain on the lens.  The footage would be poor to useless.  We can however fly in moderately high winds and can wait in our ground shelter poised to get airborne in a gap in inclement weather!

How will you deliver my media?

Our default option is to set up an account for you in our client portal.  From here you can access/download all of your media with ease from any internet connected device using our WeTransfer Plus account.  We can also transfer to you on the day via Hard Drive, post on a free USB stick or upload to an online service of your choice for download.

We are very flexible and will do our best to accommodate your needs; please specify any bespoke requests at your earliest convenience.

How long can you fly for?

Our industry leading DJI Inspire 2 can fly for approx 25 minutes per battery pair and our Phantom 4 Pro for up to 30mins!  We have multiple batteries for each aircraft and an on site rapid charging system - this allows us to stay airborne for as long as is required by the task.

With no charging facilities we can stay airborne for around 1hr 40mins with our Inspire 2 and 2hr 30mins with our Phantom 4 Pro!  We plan all shots in advance in great detail to ensure that we use the least battery and capture the most media.

We use advanced automation software on some survey flights which also allows us to very efficiently cover a large area with minimal downtime.

Can I use any song in my promotional video?

I'm afraid not!  To keep things legal, we licence all music that we use.  We will include song licensing (for commercial use) in any costs that we quote for video editing.  We will work with you to choose the best music to suit your video; there are lots of great tunes out there that pair nicely with aerial footage.  Our favourite site for legal music is Premium Beat.

Can you fly/film anywhere?

Get in touch with where you'd like us to fly and we'll let you know.

There are certain restricted areas where we need to receive special permissions to fly and we do require landowner permission to use the ground from which we take off - we will deal with all of this.  We are professionals and will ensure that all flights are carried out in strict accordance with Civil Aviation Authority regulations.  We have flown at military airfields, in towns and cities and near large groups of over 1000 people - we have set safety procedures that cover almost all eventualities.

How high can you fly and take photos from?

On a standard job we can fly to 400 feet above ground level.  We find that this is more than enough for the vast majority of aerial media and we rarely need to fly at this height.  With prior notification and if it is necessary we may be able to arrange to fly higher should the task require us to.

What booking notice do you require?

We are very flexible in our availability.  Our team are based in Hampshire (Hook).  We are often available at very short notice in the South West of the UK.  For many jobs our planning process can be rapid and we can be airborne in short notice (with no airspace/takeoff permission complications).

Booking as early as possible is preferred - however we have completed jobs with less than 24hrs notice...get in touch and we will do our best!

Can you fly overseas?

Get in touch and we will determine if your country of choice is feasible with our license and experience; our vast helicopter flying experience certainly helps when liaising with foreign aviation authorities!

Do you prefer tea or coffee on the job?

Coffee, white, one for us both please.  And a biccy or two.